Advocacy calling for issues and candidates
This can be done using brief (approximately 30 seconds) recorded messages from a candidate, another elected official, a celebrity or a community leader.

Electronic polling
A simple binary preference poll can be conducted by instructing the respondent to press one key for "yes" and another for "no." This process can be used to create an instant digitized list of both supporters of and opponents to a candidate or position. Those lists can be formatted as mailing or walking lists, or used for such purposes as advocacy calling and Get Out The Vote. Our equipment automatically senses when an answering machine picks up, and can be programmed to play an alternate message for the machine recorder instead of the survey question played for live respondents.

In-depth surveys
Our technology is capable of polling multiple facets of an issue, multiple issues and multiple candidates.

Call to action
Our service can be used to alert people to an upcoming rally or other event, or to a pending legislative vote.

Community service messages
This medium can be used by an elected official to contact constituents in order to deliver community service messages or information regarding availability of services.

Membership contact
Organizations can use this technology to communicate with members, for purposes such as issue notifications and grassroots organizing.

Support of other communications media
Automated calling provides excellent synergy, with proven results, when used in concert with direct mail, Internet, FAX and broadcast campaigns.

Volunteer recruitment and fundraising
Our technology works effectively to identify "buried" supporters, who can then be called upon to put their beliefs to work through volunteer activity, yard sign placement, fundraising or other campaign assistance.

Get out the vote
By completing a survey within a political jurisdiction, a client can refine GOTV targeting. Additional surveys during the course of a campaign can add to the list of supporters to contact just before Election Day.

Instant switching to a live operator
With this technique, respondents are instructed to press a dial button that will allow them to connect to an operator for additional information, or to take action such as joining an organization or making a financial contribution.