Frequently Asked Questions
What is the connect rate?
A managed list (such as an organization member list) has an average connect rate of 87%. Lists from companies such as Aristotle have an average connect rate of 73%. Voter registration lists from the Registrar of Voters average a 75% connect rate, but the accuracy of names on these lists is only 68%. Lists taken from telephone directories have an average connect rate of 82%, but the accuracy of names is only 70%.

What about answering machines?
Completed calls made between 9 AM and 5 PM typically run 45% live and 55% voice mail/answering machine. Completed calls made between 5 PM and 9 PM typically run 63% live and 37% voice mail/answering machine.

What about cost?
No set up fees or hidden costs. The price is based on message length and the number of phone numbers called.

What about turnaround time?
Automated telephone technology is capable of the swiftest turnaround in disseminating a campaign message of all the available mass media.

Do people complain about being bothered by automated calls?
This is a common question from potential clients who are unfamiliar with this technology. Complaints have been very minimal. People are actually inclined to listen to the 20 or 30 second message if the caller identifies as the candidate or as a celebrity.

What is the calling capacity?
We are now capable of delivering over four million 30-second calls per day, made anywhere in the United States and Canada.

What about confidentiality?
We adhere to strict client confidentiality.

What are legal calling times?
In most states you can call from 8am to 9pm. We would suggest your calling times be from 9am to 7pm.

Do you provide calling lists?
Yes, for an additional cost a list can be purchased on your behalf.